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Technology november 16, 2016

Synthetic Fingertip Gloves Help People Use Their Phones

Special stickers are able to replicate a human fingertip so that users can make any glove compatible with their devices

Fashion november 15, 2016

Pop-Up Shop Helps San Francisco's Homeless

Online startup CRACK + CIDER has set up a store that is selling cold-weather essentials that can be purchased for others

Travel november 11, 2016

Winter Cabin Designed To Survive Extreme Conditions

Designed by OFIS Architects, the structure for mountaineers is perched at the top of Mount Kanin on only a small footprint of rock

Home december 26, 2013

PSFK's Gift Guide: Top Wearable Tech

These wearable gift ideas are the latest big idea in personal hardware, closing the gap between body and device.

Travel september 24, 2013

Traveling Orb Brings The Sun To Dark, Wintery Countries [Pics]

Two artists brave treacherous conditions to bring LED sunshine to those in darkness

Work march 6, 2013

Shayna Kulik: Multi-Purpose Ties Transition From Work To Weekend

Elliot Aronow, creative curator, has come up with his very own line of men's neckwear to be released Winter 2013.

Cities february 19, 2013

NY Visitors Can Party Inside Their Own Snow Globe

Citibank Snow Globe in Bryant Park lets visitors create their own memories to be shared on social media.

Cities january 7, 2013

Swing Sets Create Snow Flurries When Used

Oversized playgrounds hooked to snow-machines make snowflakes fly when played on by adults.

Technology december 9, 2012

PSFK's Gift Of The Day: Rechargeable Gloves Heat Hands To The Perfect Temperature

The Chaval Response-XRT design will provide optimal comfort by adjusting to biological signals.

Retail may 4, 2012

Mild Winter Means Tough Times For UGG [Headlines]

Boot sales were slow this past season as temperatures stayed relatively warm.

Innovation january 25, 2012

2011 Was The Ninth Warmest Year On Record [Headlines]

NASA reports that last year was the one of the hottest since we started keeping track.

Syndicated october 28, 2011

Triple Pundit: Nest Learning Thermostat -- Shiny Toy Or Serious Tool?

This self-programming gadget learns when and how to cool or heat your home, but it might not save you as much as you'd hope.

Luxury september 8, 2011

Chanel Takes Over Harrods With Enchanting Installation [Pics]

Chanel unveils its extravagant Enchanted Forest store display at Harrods to showcase its latest Autumn/Winter collection.

Work september 1, 2011

Dunhill Brings Ads To Life With Augmented Reality [Video]

A new interactive campaign for the men's brand lets you scan ads to unlock additional content.


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