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Op-Ed january 30, 2015

Grant McCracken: Designers' Incinerating Embrace with Corporations

What if we are looking at the domestication of design - the very extinction of the discipline as the fount of creativity in our midst?

Mobile december 20, 2013

Motorola’s Interactive Print Ad Changes Colors With A Touch [Video]

Creative advertising infuses physical media with some digital charm.

Technology december 4, 2013

Bio-Sensing Necklace Will Let Wearer Test Their Own Blood And Fluids [Pics]

Kernel is a personal health care initiative created by fuseproject in partnership with Wired and the Gates Foundation.

Innovation june 8, 2012

WIRED Reissues First 1993 Issue For The iPad [Headlines]

After nearly 23 years of publication the popular technology magazine has put together a page for page reproduction of their debut. The app will feature interactive content following up on the progress of topics then reported.

Work august 19, 2010

The End Of An Era?

Wired editor argues that app-based technologies are winning the race, forever changing the Internet landscape.

Technology may 28, 2010

(Pics) Cloud Computing Paper Art

A 3-D mobile captures the spirit of cloud computing.

Design & Architecture february 17, 2010

Wired's iPad Demo

Wired says that they have always been good at telling stories and that devices like the iPad will take the storytelling to a new level.


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