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Technology april 29, 2016

Password-Free Wi-Fi Could Make Our Connected Homes More Secure

Small businesses, say bye to Wi-Fi leechers thanks to this wireless technology

Syndicated may 21, 2014

Wireless Charging Method Could Power Micro-Implants In Our Bodies

Stanford researchers have developed a way to charge tiny health-tracking devices that could be embedded in our bodies.

IoT february 6, 2014

Immersive VR System Transforms Living Rooms Into Zombie War Zones [Video]

Zero Latency’s 'Inversion Project' lets gamers explore virtual worlds with an Oculus Rift strapped to their heads.

Technology march 28, 2013

Wristband Tells Doctors When They Need To Wash Their Hands [Video]

Intelligent M technology monitors and records hygiene habits.

Innovation april 17, 2012

Magnetic Sensor Syncs Your Cooking Pot To Your Stovetop [Video]

The device wirelessly helps to optimize heat levels and prevent overboiling or burning.

Mobile march 5, 2012

Are Teens Dependent On Technology? [Headlines]

The younger generation uses mobile devices and social networks more than any other.

Luxury august 20, 2009
Mobile august 14, 2009
Technology february 3, 2009
IoT january 26, 2009
Retail january 12, 2009

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