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Travel april 7, 2016

Boutique Capsule Hotel in Japan Opens Just for Women

Design approach challenges popular notions about the purpose of a capsule hotel

Arts & Culture march 10, 2016

Online Community Taps Female Leaders to Help Teens Develop Better Self-Image

Multicultural website is a publication that offers positive stories for and by real girls

Work february 5, 2016

Swipe Right for a Supportive Network of Women

An app that's not about on dating and hookups, but female friendship

Syndicated january 13, 2016

Orgasmic Design: How Vibrators Have Become Ambitious Tech Products

The vibrator’s long, slow march from taboo to mainstream has been all about figuring out what exactly women want

Work may 1, 2015

Supermodels Join Drive for Women to Embrace Coding

Karlie Kloss and Lily Cole are inspiring girls to shake up a tech world dominated by male enthusiasts

Gaming & Play november 12, 2014

Twitter Launches New Tool for People to Report Harassment

Tech giant takes step to curb online abuse toward women

Op-Ed november 3, 2014

Jeff Fromm: Change and Why It’s Harder for ‘Older Generations’ than Millennials

How can we overcome bias and level the playing field? Technology and data, to start with

IoT october 27, 2014

Underwear Line Celebrates Heroic Ladies

The collaboration features some of history's super-accomplished women

Design & Architecture october 16, 2014

Smartwatch Engineered for Women

The Omate Lutetia, unlike the other smartwatches, opts for gender-specific form and function

Design & Architecture october 16, 2014

Knitwear Campaign Stars Ladies of Tech, Business, Media And Medicine

Brooke Roberts showcases Super Women in radiography-inspired knitwear

Innovation september 24, 2014

Energy-Efficient Cookstove Taps Community Women for Innovation

The Zoom Jet is an award-winning burner that moves forward with a gender-inclusive focus

Retail september 23, 2014

Ice Cream Entrepreneurs Aid Women Recovering from Natural Disasters, Conflict

Blue Marble Dreams not-for-profit empowers communities in need through joy and jobs

The Most Feminine TV Show Of The Most Feminine TV Channel Has A Section Just For Apps
Gaming & Play august 13, 2014

Minecraft Virtual Clinic Will Raise Money to Build Real-Life One in Liberia

Gaming duo solicits donations to fund a real clinic for mothers in need


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