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Home july 1, 2013

Farm Animal Furniture Brings Livestock Into The Home [Pics]

Italian artist creates cabinetry inspired by his favorite creatures.

Design & Architecture june 28, 2013

Giant Wooden Cocoon Encourages Forest Exploration [Pics]

Architectural project mimics the beauty of nature to offer a new perspective on everyday surroundings.

Arts & Culture june 24, 2013

Vibrating Speakers Use Household Accessories To Create Sound

New design encourages listeners to experiment with the acoustics of different objects to manipulate sound quality.

Design & Architecture may 17, 2013

Balancing Vase Automatically Tips Over When Plants Are Thirsty

New design alerts owner when it’s time to water their greenery.

Arts & Culture april 25, 2013

Giant Intestine Installation Made Of Salvaged Wood [Pics]

Henrique Oliveira creates sculptures of body organs large enough for visitor's to walk through.

Arts & Culture march 26, 2013

Road-Ready Bike Crafted Entirely From Wood

Sculpted bicycle inspired by retro bentwood chairs.

Design & Architecture october 11, 2012

Designer Floor Lamp Carved From A Single Tree Branch [Pics]

Artist Floris Wubben transforms a piece of nature into a unique lighting item.

Arts & Culture october 9, 2012

$70,000 Wooden Bike Inspired By A Century-Old Chair [Pics]

Historic chair manufacturer Thonet branches out to make unique-shaped bicycles.

Technology august 10, 2012

Wooden Computer More Energy Efficient Than A Normal One

Tablet made from environmentally sustainable material is more eco-friendly and reusable.

Design & Architecture august 9, 2012

Dutch Restaurant Furnished Entirely From Upcycled Scrap Wood

Beautifully crafted furniture pieces created out of recycled materials.

Arts & Culture august 2, 2012

Jenga-Like Table Can Be Adjusted By Pushing Pieces [Pics]

Versatile furniture can by changed by pushing or pulling out wooden pieces.

Design & Architecture july 31, 2012

Handcrafted Wooden Bicycles Resemble Classic ‘Hogs’ [Pics]

Beautifully designed bikes that look like motocycles are made from old wood from building sites.

Arts & Culture june 19, 2012

Handcrafted Water Purifiers Sculpted From Charcoal [Pics]

Designers rethink an everyday object by using a traditional Swiss technique of wood burning.

Design & Architecture june 19, 2012

Zero Carbon Furniture Inspired By Woven Baskets [Pics]

Each striking item is created from recycled wood products.


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