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Mobile november 5, 2013

Corner Store Transformed Into A Visitable Street Art Gallery [Pics]

New York bodega offers up street art alongside everyday items in the East Village.

Work january 25, 2013

How A Group Of Michael Jackson Fans Sunk A Book On Amazon

To what extent can online book reviews be trusted and what can authors do in the face of 'attack reviews'?

Syndicated april 18, 2012

Cider-Making Monks Revive 200-Year-Old Beer

The residents of Ampleforth Abbey who grow over 70 varieties of apple have brewed beer from an ancient recipe.

Cities april 4, 2012

How QR Codes Make You Feel Like Part Of A Fair Trade Cooperative

The additional information hidden in these little squares of technology make consumers feel closer to the products they are buying.

Retail february 9, 2012

Unilever Decides Social Media Advertising Is Not Worth It [Headlines]

Fast-moving consumer goods company not longer relying on popular online networks to draw attention to its products, and is turning to word of mouth.

Work may 17, 2011

Life After Dark With The Guinness iAd [Video]

The new campaign provides recommendations to help users discover the best nightlife in their city.

Home april 18, 2011

Mobile Phones Key To Researching Brand Conversations

22Squared talk about their smartphone-based research on what triggers brand talk.

Luxury november 1, 2010

Chipotle Questions Traditional Advertising

The brand challenges the traditional, full-service advertising model - wondering if they could do it better themselves by focusing on generating word-of-mouth.

Advertising february 23, 2010

George Parker: Do You Have A Clue As To Exactly What Business You’re In?

George Parker is the perpetrator of Every week he shares his opinions on the advertising world with PSFK.

Advertising january 28, 2010

Holistic Measurement: Word Of Mouth Metrics

Prompted by the increasing number of status updates on Twitter and Facebook, Millward Brown is developing digital word-of-mouth measurement tools for online campaigns.

Sustainability may 22, 2009

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