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[News] French law discourages professionals from checking email on weekends
Syndicated february 29, 2016

Why Is Vienna the World's Top City for Quality of Life?

Study examining socioeconomic conditions places Austrian capital at apex of index

Work december 3, 2015

Chill Office Space Offers You Customizable Meditation

In the Big Spaceship Hack Day event, Team Chill came up with the idea of an office space that can be programmed, allowing employees to customize their in-office meditation

IoT may 25, 2015

PSFK Launches The Future of Connected Life Report

A guide for brands to respond to the changing needs of their customers so that we can all live more happy, healthy, and productive lives

Mobile may 15, 2015

6 Ways Your Customers Will Live, Work, and Play Better

Takeaways to help brands reach the modern consumer on their path to more effective, balanced, and well-rounded lifestyles

Innovation april 18, 2014

David Howitt: Why We Need More CEOs Who Are Healers

The CEO of the Meriwether Group discusses the importance of work-life balance.

Work january 16, 2014

Watch Design Enforces A Proper Work-Life Balance

A new watch divides its face by business and "play" hours.

Luxury april 2, 2013

When Do The Best Entrepreneurs Get Up?

The Guardian asked seven top business people to walk through them their working day, including the bosses of AOL and Ericsson.

Sustainability february 27, 2013

Yahoo Boss Bans Working From Home

Marissa Mayer wants to foster a collaborative environment by requiring staff to come into the office to do their jobs.

Advertising july 25, 2012

New Social Media Agency Will Have A 24/7 Schedule [Headlines]

Social media never sleeps. Does that mean social media agencies shouldn't either?

Innovation may 24, 2012

Top Ten Countries With The Worst Quality Of Life [Headlines]

Looking at a series of factors like income, housing, education, safety, and work-life balance, the OECD lists the ten countries in the world with the worst scores.

Technology january 20, 2012

Sony's Custom NFC Tags Can Simplify Your Work/Life Balance

Experia SmartTags can automatically customize smartphone settings for work or home, etc. with a swipe or tap.

Innovation may 27, 2010

Britain May Allow Flexible Working Plans For All Workers

A British government proposal could extend flexible working hours to all employees.


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