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Travel december 2, 2016

Floating Gym Concept In Paris Is Powered By Your Workout

The proposed design from Carlo Ratti Associati lets passengers ride a stationary bike as they travel through Paris along the Seine River

Technology november 8, 2016

Work With A Personal Trainer Anytime, Anywhere

Aaptiv is an audio-fitness app that is trying to change the rules of exercise

Retail october 31, 2016

Adidas Workout Set Is Designed To Give Athletes Focus

The Z.N.E. hoodie blocks out external distractions for complete pre-game concentration

Mobile august 31, 2016

This Health App Will Pay You For Every Step You Take

Sweatcoin records your fitness activities and donates to charity based on exercise

Retail august 22, 2016

Soma Brings Sustainable Style To Its New Glass Water Bottle

The vessel's minimal and sporty design draws inspiration from the brand's popular pitcher

Fashion august 12, 2016

How Lululemon Equipped Canada's Olympic Team

The high-performance gear was designed in consultation with the athletes and created using the brand's proprietary technologies

Technology august 12, 2016

Training Ball Provides Portable Massage and Workout Recovery

Hypersphere delivers targeted soft tissue therapy for soothing sore muscles

Fitness & Sport august 10, 2016

Wearable Sunscreen Dispenser Provides On-The-Go Protection

Stay protected for hours at a time by keeping handy capsules on your wrist

Retail august 9, 2016

Turn Your Fitness Data Into Customized Nutrition Plans

An advanced wearable system translates your entire exercise routine, weight and food habits into a customized eating plan

Fashion august 2, 2016

Shirt Changes Form And Color As You Work Out

This smart fitness gear tightens as its wearer's heart rate increases during physical activity

Technology july 27, 2016

Mattress Measures Sleep And Suggests Fitness Routines

NordicTrack and iFit collaborate on a tracking device that helps you determine what type of workout you should do after waking up

Travel july 20, 2016

This Collapsible Gym Lets You Work Out Anywhere

The versatile, packable kit is perfect for travelers needing to work out on the go

Fitness & Sport july 1, 2016

Gymbot Is A Facebook Messenger For Your Workouts

Fitness enthusiasts can track their progress and exercise stats with this helpful bot

Travel june 29, 2016

Residence Inn Offers Guests Custom Running Routes From Under Armour

Curated two-mile or longer routes are designed to help guests stay active while making the most out of their travels


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