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Work october 4, 2016

Thinking Outside Of The Career Ladder

The Future of Work report by PSFK Labs explores the trend of personalized career planning

Health june 7, 2016

This Test Will Tell You How Your Office Is Affecting Your Health

A new certification measures how 'healthy' a workplace is for its employees

[Insight] Collaboration doesn’t always increase creative thinking, says study
Travel april 22, 2016

Startup Ensures You Will Never Be Tired Of Your Office Space

Don't know which co-working space to choose? Now, you may not have to

Design & Architecture april 19, 2016

How A Simple Idea Can Help Maximize Office Space

This meeting room expands seating capacity by storing seats in plain sight

Why, despite technology improvements, workplace productivity continues to decrease (HBR)
Work february 10, 2016

Collaborative Desk Adapts to Laptops, Tablets and Your Meeting Schedule

The desk of the future remembers your preferences and syncs with your team's calendar

IoT january 8, 2016

A Giant, Hovering Office Could Eliminate the Grind of Workplace Commuting

L.A.-based architect envisions a workspace atop London that frees up commutes

Mobile november 10, 2015

Laptops Are Changing the Face of Office Furniture Design

A recent collaboration between The Good Mod and Airbnb points at a growing trend in office design for the laptop-wielding workforce

Technology april 14, 2015

Email Platform Coaches You on Recipient Personality Styles

Crystal analyzes coworker emails to help you communicate in a curated manner

Arts & Culture march 19, 2015

Employees Can Swap Shifts with Coworkers Hassle-Free

Shift Messenger lets teams change their work schedules on-the-fly and painlessly

Innovation february 10, 2015

Office Color Scheme Hopes To Encourage Workers To Take Risks

Bangkok office designed as a motivational poster

Innovation february 6, 2015

Adobe Employees Rewarded with a Red Box Full of Creative Potential

Employees are given pack of tricks including a $1,000 prepaid credit card to fund any creative project

Arts & Culture january 28, 2015

Adobe Ignites Employee Innovation with a Red Box

Employees are given pack of tricks including a $1,000 prepaid credit card to fund any creative project


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