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[News] World Bank discontinues ‘developing’ and ‘developed’ countries distinction, given globalized economies and innovation
Design & Architecture july 10, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

France tests fingerprint payment technology, Amazon Publishing launches Jet City Comics and CollegeHumor releases feature length film, Coffee Town.

Work march 7, 2013

Re-Envisioning The Future Of The Human Race

A bold project seeks to re-align the global agenda for survival of the species by focusing on macro problems.

Home february 27, 2013

Oxfam And Coldplay Crowdsource Music Video For Charity

The band is asking fans to help spread awareness about land grabs by submitting images and videos.

Gaming & Play december 28, 2011

Gamers Purchase In-Game Items To Help Feed Hungry Children [Future Of Gaming]

Zynga partnered with American restaurant chain Pizza Hut to raise money for the World Bank’s 2011 World Hunger relief campaign by enabling in-game purchases of virtual items linked to charitable causes.

october 19, 2011

G20’s Aging Aristocracy Stands In Way Of New Ideas [Headlines]

Emerging markets have offered to contribute more to the IMF and play a larger role in global governance.

Luxury october 7, 2011

Germany May Buy Greeks’ Sunshine [Headlines]

Greece is hoping that solar energy can help the country out of its debt crisis.

Innovation july 1, 2011

A Closer Look At China’s Influence In Africa [Headlines]

China is redefining the continent's economic landscape and gradually displacing the influence and relevance of western governments, corporations and development agencies. Beijing now lends more to Africa than the World Bank does.

Work april 26, 2011

Anonymous Declares War On The “Global Banking Cartel”

A group of hackers is threatening war against its perception of a global banking cartel guilty of rigging markets and destroying the world economy.

april 15, 2011

World Bank chief warns on food threat [Headlines]

Soaring prices have created a ‘toxic brew of real pain contributing to social unrest’, says Robert Zoellick, urging action by the Group of 20 as 44m people are said to have have fallen into extreme poverty.

Design & Architecture march 4, 2011

Monocolumn: Maghreb Focus: Time To Pull Together

One of the sparks for the political unrest that has erupted across North Africa was frustration over the lack of jobs and the rising price of food. So any new governments ushered in by the wave of popular protests won’t have a very long honeymoon.

Innovation july 29, 2010

Monocolumn: Guns, Nightclubs And A New Government

“Who owns the Bacardi Bar in Bishkek?” is not the type of question that generally troubles the sort of UN and World Bank diplomats who gathered in the Kyrgyz Republic’s capital for this week’s donor conference.

Home june 21, 2010

Whitewashing To Grow A Glacier

An innovative geo-engineering project is underway at a Peruvian mountain to restore a lifeline for the local community.

Advertising march 9, 2010

Create Your Own Data Visualization With Google

With The Google Public Data Explorer anyone can create their own infographics.


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