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Work november 13, 2013

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Nike catching up to German brands Puma and Adidas, Walmart Black Friday starts early and BitTorrent sees decline in US traffic.

Technology february 1, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

NY Times gets hacked, Andreessen predicts the end of retail and a World of Warcraft movie in the works...links to start your day with.

Gaming & Play april 6, 2012

Are Online Gaming Sites Better Matchmakers Than Online Dating Sites? [Infographic]

How playing MMO games like World of Warcraft can help you find a date.

Mobile march 24, 2012

PSFK Pick’s: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

We bring you the most stimulating and exciting stories from the world of wellness research.

Design & Architecture november 21, 2011

How Does Gaming Impact Society?

A recent conference with both academics and hardcore gamers in attendance discusses the untapped potential in the gaming community to use those practices to affect social change.

Sustainability november 7, 2011

First-Ever Videogame Uses Real-Time Tweets To Create Gameplay

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the founders of Tweetland, a game that uses experiences reported on Twitter to create in-game content.

Advertising august 2, 2011

China's Fake World Of Warcraft Theme Park

After the phoney Apple stores comes a theme park based on the popular online game.

Innovation july 5, 2011

Fourcraft: Foursquare Hack Turns NYC Into A Battlefield

A new element has been added to the location-based social network turning it into an interactive gaming platform.

Work june 17, 2011

Researchers Predict Online Gamers Behavior In World Of Warcraft

Researchers from NCSU have developed a way of predicting what a player will do next, with up to 80% accuracy.

Gaming & Play may 24, 2011

Planking Comes To World Of Warcraft

The 'lying down game' craze seems to have gained a new lease of life in video gaming.

Arts & Culture april 13, 2011

Pioneering A Passive Path Through Online Gaming

Several instances of 'playing outside the box' in online gaming environments point the way to rewarding experiences beyond traditional game mechanics.

Technology april 11, 2011

Regulation Will Always Play Catch Up To The Computer's Rules

The problem of how to run business models in a world of digital savants, hackers and maker culture is a fraught one. Cory Doctorow provides an important reflection on the root causes of this issue.

Mobile april 7, 2011

Could Facebook Credits Work As A Real-World Currency?

The Purple List, PSFK's network of experts, considers the future of virtual currency.

Sustainability august 16, 2010

(Video) Machinima Highlights The Plight Of Chinese World of Warcraft Players

A film offers insight into tensions between gamers and social and political codes in China.


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