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Work august 30, 2012

Nokia Unveils World's First 'Universal' Font

The telecommunications giant has created a typeface that can be used in any existing language.

Technology april 12, 2012

Smart Car Creates Digital Flip Book On Their Twitter Feed

The automaker has launched an innovative campaign that is the first of its kind on the social network.

Technology april 4, 2012

Nissan India Launches Bollywood Movie Cast On Facebook

Nissan's direct-to-consumer film features Bollywood star Ranbin Kapoor in a fantasy race through India to reunite two lovers where a mystery fleet of 100s of blue Nissans save the day.

Mobile february 6, 2012

Sustainable Android Phone Carved From Bamboo [Pics]

World's first mobile phone designed using organic, eco-friendly material.

IoT september 30, 2011

World's First Solar-Powered 3D Printer Can Be Made At Home

The DIY device can be assembled using commercially available parts.

Arts & Culture september 30, 2011

World's First Local e-Curency Allows Users To Pay By SMS

The Brixton Pound is the first local currency that will be available as an e-currency, designed to promote spending in local stores.


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