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Sustainability october 21, 2013

Thermal Bracelet Offers Personal Air Conditioning To Its Wearer

Tiny changes in skin temperature can affect the how hot or cold your entire body feels.

Retail october 7, 2013

Research-Based Wristwatch Illuminates How You Spend Your Time

Watch lets you know if you sleep too much or spend too much time in front of the TV.

Technology june 24, 2013

Military Helmet Uses Google Glass-Style Tech To Launch Air Strikes

New design allows a soldier to digitally mark a target, and send those coordinates to a jet or a vehicle to carry out an attack.

Innovation may 30, 2013

Watch Tells Time With Disappearing Hands [Video]

Limited edition Harry Winston timepiece features an intricate design, pivoting hands and precious jewels.

Luxury september 11, 2012

Harry Winston Wrist Watch Tells Time Using 607 Moving Parts [Video]

Luxury jewelery brand rethinks traditional mechanical timepieces with the Opus 12.


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