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X-Ray Art Photo Series Explores Visual Promise of Radiography

X-Ray Mirror Shows What You Look Like On The Inside [Video]

Medical Glasses Let Nurses See Patients’ Veins Through Their Skin

Animated GIFs Overlay Surreal Scenes On Historic Images [Pics]

3D Printed Exoskeletons Could Replace Plaster Casts

X-Ray Imagery Exposes Flowers’ Hidden Skeletons [Pics]

Jack White Prints New Record On X-Ray Sheets

X-Ray Machine Peeks Inside Presents To Reveal The Christmas Surprise [Pics]

Microchip Gives Phones X-Ray Vision

X-Ray Vision-Like Technology Helps People See Through Frosted Glass

Criticizing Corporate Portraits & X-Ray As Social Medium And Art [PechaKucha]

Triple Pundit: How GE Is Curing Cancer

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