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Advertising august 14, 2014

Yale Medical Library Exhibit Features Historical Tobacco Ads, Anti-Smoking Materials

The Ivy League university uploads a wealth of advertising both for and against tobacco products

Innovation september 19, 2012

Designer Cheese Made Using Bacteria From The Human Body

An artist and a synthetic biologist took samples from the armpits, toes, bellybuttons, and noses, of 71 people. Then they made cultured dairy products.

Innovation july 12, 2012

Antibacterial Toothpaste Will Provide A Guaranteed Cavity-Free Mouth

A lab-created molecule kills off the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Work april 20, 2012

Kickstarter For Foodies Helps You Finance Your Next Dinner Party

PSFK tests outs the Zokos crowdfunding event model.

Sustainability march 7, 2012

Plastic-Eating Fungi Found In The Amazon May Solve World's Waste Problem

The micro-organism can survive on polyurethane alone, which could provide a solution to our mounting garbage accumulation.

Arts & Culture may 13, 2011

GiftFlow Builds Economies Around Free Stuff [Headlines]

Yale recent grads create a startup that will connect people so they can exchange thing they no longer want.

Technology march 10, 2011

How Social Contagion Escapes Rationality

What can the behavior of fanatical collectors tell us about social media phenomena?

Arts & Culture january 11, 2011
Innovation march 12, 2010

Researchers At Yale Use Medication To Grow New Arteries

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have had success with an experiment to grow new arteries

IoT february 17, 2010

(Pics) A Real Working Spokeless Bike

A group of nine mechanical engineering students at Yale have created a an impressive spokeless bicycle as a class project.

Work december 11, 2009

New College Board Policy Revamps SAT Score Reporting

The College Board has implemented a new SAT policy this year called Score Choice.


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