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Design january 6, 2014

What It Really Means To Win Best In Show At CES 2014

The winners of the venerable trade show often reflect mistaken predictions about how the market will move.

Culture july 10, 2013

Acoustic Piano Silences Notes For Undisruptive Practice [Pics]

Digital keys make it possible to play a grand piano in complete quiet.

Culture june 14, 2013

Flash Drive Reimagined As Tiny Yamaha Piano [Pics]

Korean designer uses the iconic musical instrument to create a way to store music.

Culture march 12, 2012

Japanese Virtual Pop Idol More Popular Than Live Ones

Hatsune Miku's career continues to soar in Japan as her recent Tokyo shows sell out.

Design march 10, 2011

Ambient Noise Generator Masks Private Conversations

An interesting audio innovation from Yamaha "cloaks" conversations.


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