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Arts & Culture june 9, 2014

Glasses Ads Turn Impressionist Masterpieces Into Hyper Real Paintings

Keloptic's new series of ads brings focus to the difference the right pair of lenses can make.

Sustainability october 11, 2013

Shark Coffins Placed In City Streets Create Overfishing Awareness [Pics]

A Shanghai public awareness campaign encourages viewers to pledge against shark fin soup.

Work april 18, 2013

Transparent Billboard Gives Real-Time Weather Forecast [Video]

New Zealand's MetService has created a tongue-in-cheek ad that emphasizes their accurate predictions.

Technology july 25, 2012

Coffee Chain Creates Location Based Interactive Newspaper Ads [Video]

Scannable barcodes allow readers to find their nearest Cafe Joe to their current coordinates.

Advertising july 4, 2012

Drivers In Traffic Get Hooked On Goodyear's Bubble Wrap Ad [Video]

A clever and creative print campaign uses a fun way to pass time to promote the auto brand's ultra-grip tires.

Design & Architecture september 16, 2011

PSFK Conference Speaker Interview: George Parker

'Confessions of a Mad Man' author George Parker brings the industry to its knees in his latest memoir and shares a few of his thoughts on how the ad world has changed over the years.

Luxury june 29, 2011

Fashion Ad Campaign Uses The Amazon Model Of Recommendations

A clever campaign by Y&R Dubai connects fashion to objects.

Home april 14, 2009

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