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Mobile december 10, 2014

Yuri Suzuki Crafts Music From Old Devices

One city's trash is another artist's creation as a group of creatives crafts musical instruments from discarded electronics

Work october 20, 2013

How Brands Can Make Themselves Heard Through Sound Design

How using different stimuli can create an emotional connection between an individual and a company's identity.

Mobile october 15, 2013

Shoes Replace The Traditional High Heel Click-Clack With Atypical Sounds [Video]

Play the piano with your feet, or walk on water thanks to an interesting new take on footwear.

Arts & Culture september 17, 2013

Moving Robots Scan Art And Transform It Into Music [VIdeo]

Dyslexic designer makes music more accessible for those who can't read notes.

Design & Architecture october 23, 2012

Spin This Vinyl Globe To Hear Music Of The World

Yuri Suzuki's 'The Sound Of The Earth' is a spherical record player; as it spins, listeners hear national anthems and folk music from around the world.

Cities september 24, 2012

Taxi Transforms Ambient City Sounds Into Music

The ‘Sound Taxi’, created by artist Yuri Suzuki, converts the noises heard during a trip through the streets of London into original music in real-time.

Technology september 14, 2012

Circuit Board Of The London Underground Is Also A Functional Radio

Designer Yuri Suzuki creates a working radio modeled after London Tube designer Harry Beck's Underground.

Technology december 6, 2011

Beer Brand Sponsors Cultural Project To Make Unique Sound System Out Of Cans [Video]

Sound artist Yuri Suzuki creates a fully-functioning structure as part of the 'Make with a Red Stripe' series.

Advertising november 15, 2011

Red Stripe Teams Up With Japanese Sound Artist To Create Installation Out Of Beer Cans

The latest project in a series of works by the beer company, which pay tribute to the DIY culture of Jamaica.

Arts & Culture december 14, 2010

Urushi Tactile Musical Interface

A touch-sensitive music controller explores the interface between traditional Japanese designer art and modern interactive surfaces.

Advertising october 14, 2010

Where Product Design And Music Meet

Yuri Suzuki creates innovative products with an audio-based theme.

Work september 10, 2010

This Week In Design: Silcone Lamp, Roll Of Tape 2.0, Pressed Aluminum Chair

PSFK curates the latest design ideas and stories you shouldn’t miss from the past week.

Work september 6, 2010

Color Chaser Translates Color Into Sound

A device detects drawn lines and converts it into something beautiful.

Arts & Culture august 31, 2010

Rec & Play: Drawing Sounds

Yuri Suzuki and Oscar Diaz's project brings together a number of processes in one hybrid synesthetic activity.


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