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Sustainability november 14, 2016

Electric Truck Can Be Built In Just Four Hours

Charge is a new easy to assemble a type of vehicle that is designed to be safe and better for the environment

Automotive october 17, 2016

BMW's Self-Balancing Motorcycle Doesn't Require A Helmet

The artificially intelligent bike keeps its driver safe and in control at all times

IoT october 29, 2013

Aquaponic Farm Powered By Car Exhaust [Video]

Hyundai's ix35 Fuel Cell powered an aquaponic farm, filtering car water vapor into a fish tank. The fish waste is then used to grow veg.

Mobile august 29, 2012

Traveling Bar Goes Anywhere On A Bicycle

Two successful entrepreneurs in London make specialty cocktails from a two-wheeled 'bar.'

Technology march 6, 2012

Mercedes Makes Their Zero Emmission Car Invisible

To promote its fuel cell vehicles low impact, the company used LEDs and a camera to make it blend in with its environment.

Technology may 17, 2010

Zero-Emission Vehicle Syncs With Dedicated Mobile App

Nissan has revealed how their zero-emission vehicles will communicate with Leaf owners' mobile phones.

Innovation april 12, 2010

YeZ Concept Car Plans To Absorb CO2, Release Oxygen

This Chinese concept car envisions a method for absorbing CO2 from the surrounding environment, and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere in its wake.


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