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Technology february 14, 2014

Sound Installation Breathes Life Into Everyday Objects [Video]

Artist creates a beautifully abstract presentation from the most mundane contraptions.

Design & Architecture december 11, 2013

Cardboard Box Headphones Create On-Site Acoustic Concerts [Video]

Headphones that are prepared with two cotton balls and two empty containers.

Work may 23, 2013

Mechanized Cardboard Boxes Create Large-Scale Sound Installation [Video]

Zimoun builds platforms of sound by combining common industrial items with mechanical elements.

Work november 15, 2011

Sculpting Sound With Ping Pong Balls And Wire

A Swiss artist evokes the natural and artificial simultaneously in organic soundscapes created by industrial materials.

Arts & Culture august 18, 2010

(Video) Sonifying Invisible Ecologies

Artist Zimoun's sound installation highlights an invisible woodworm colony at work.


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