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Advertising february 14, 2014

Sound Installation Breathes Life Into Everyday Objects [Video]

Artist creates a beautifully abstract presentation from the most mundane contraptions.

Culture december 11, 2013

Cardboard Box Headphones Create On-Site Acoustic Concerts [Video]

Headphones that are prepared with two cotton balls and two empty containers.

Culture may 23, 2013

Mechanized Cardboard Boxes Create Large-Scale Sound Installation [Video]

Zimoun builds platforms of sound by combining common industrial items with mechanical elements.

Culture november 15, 2011

Sculpting Sound With Ping Pong Balls And Wire

A Swiss artist evokes the natural and artificial simultaneously in organic soundscapes created by industrial materials.

Culture august 18, 2010

(Video) Sonifying Invisible Ecologies

Artist Zimoun's sound installation highlights an invisible woodworm colony at work.


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