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Technology september 23, 2013

Magazine Curates The Best Online Comments Throughout The Internet

The best of the constant stream of online information is highlighted in this print publication.

Mobile january 5, 2012

Punk GQ Fights Against Death Of Print

Elliot Aronow's new publication Our Show pays tribute to its anti-establishment influences and celebrates the old-school medium.

october 25, 2011

Raised On The Web, But Liking A Little Ink [Headlines]

Zines, print magazines generally available only in small quantities, have enjoyed a resurgence among the Web-savvy.

Design & Architecture october 12, 2009

Manzine: A Return to the Lo-Fi Print Zine Aesthetic

Manzine is a quirky, DIY take on the glossy male-focused publication.

Retail march 24, 2009

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