Is Life Caching an unprecedented step in the historic recording of society as we know it or just a better chance to one day laugh out loud at what we used to wear and how we liked to have our hair? When we had some.

For years you’ve been able to fawn over every intimate written detail, every photo, every moving image of Marilyn, Madge or (Sir) Mick. Every aspect of celebrities’ lives seems to be captured for prosperity. Guess what? Now you can do it for yourself too!

With blogging, digital cameras, Gmail, mblogging, USB devices and a whole lot more you can record every single thing about every single day of your (or your friend’s or family’s) life! Moi?

Don’t think it will catch on? Ever received an email from your friend about their new baby: ‘Pics of Sarah at 1 month’ then a month later you get another update of pics and then another month and another. Soon Sarah’s going to be typing away her diary on dad’s little handheld, taking pictures of all the toys she likes and the little brother she despises and mixed with the help of mom’s steady video direction Sara will have a volume of memories that she can store forever and ever.

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