A post about how the suit may be coming back into our lives

It hangs there for those rare occasions: job interviews, weddings and court appearances. Unloved and hardly wanted, the good old fashioned suit. Yeah, with all this forever-youthful lifestyle we try to lead these days there's no denying us men all have a secret craving for donning the suit once in a while to look the grown up age we really are.

But wait! What's this? A couple of pointers that the ‘whistle and flute' may well be on the way back: back into the offices, back into our oh-so casual lives! Timesleader reports on a company that asks/tells its staff to buckle up Monday to Thursday. “It's important to show that we take what we do very seriously,” says one boss. Cargo, the men's shopping magazine, already offers a guide to finer apparel and Fairchild Publications have just announced the launch of upscale Vitals targeted towards “men ages 25-45 who have acquired some wealth.”

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