A music insider let us know that one of hot topics being discussed at the moment behind the doors of many-a record company is the use of DualDiscs. DualDiscs are...

Breakdown of Forthcoming DualDisc releases

WEA – 4 titles:The Simple Plan: Still Not Getting Any [new release] 10/26/04 The Donnas: Gold Medal [new release] scheduled for 10/26/04Trapt: Trapt [new release] 11/23/04Grateful Dead: American Beauty 11/23/04(Search for these titles on Amazon)

BMG – 1 title:Usher’s 8701 12/7/04 (Search for this title on Amazon)

Sony – 4 titles:David Bowie: Reality 11/2/04Good Charlotte: The Young and The Hopeless 11/2/04Miles Davis: Kind of Blue 11/2/04YoYoMa 11/2/04(Search for these titles on Amazon)

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