CLICK. FLICK. WIN. Come enter the PSFK Cool Hunt competition using The PSFK Cool Hunt is a photo competition that PSFK runs using Flickr. We want to see what's cool/hot/now...

Some Rules To PSFK Cool Hunt On Flickr

We can change the rules anytime we want but there will always be winners. If someone comes along with better items to offer you guys as prizes we retain the right to change them, giving notice on this page. No PSFK + CITY/LOCATION + COUNTRY tags, no entry If someone starts dicking us about we'll disqualify them from the competition – e.g. some idiot repetitively and deliberately adds their company's products to the Flickr site. By entering (see Rule 3), the participant grants PSFK permission to use your image to promote the PSFK Cool Hunt on our site, in press releases – and we can put it in PSFK Cool Hunt review documents. No images will be sold or used in stuff like advertising (except for PSFK Cool Hunt promotion) – if anyone does approach us about an image, we will pass the lead onto the person who took the shot. The judge is subject to change. You know how busy these folk can get. Each month we will review prizes and judges. If this all starts to become a pain, e.g. somehow we get sued, we can close the competition down at any time with no winners. We hope that will never happen. The competition is open to anyone who contributes to PSFK. Piers and Simon can't win. It's for fun. Remember that. Why are you reading this? You should be uploading your shots to Flickr.

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