The key reason that blogs take time is content. I believe that content truly is king. Blogging is all about the content – and to run with the big boys, a blogger must offer quality news, POV and original content on a daily basis. So hands up: how many of you have the time to do this everyday? How many of you are willing to wake up at 6am to blog for couple of hours before work, blog at lunch, then blog past midnight when you get home at night? Not so many, I suspect.

But there still is an opportunity to ride the wave. Blogs love new and original content. Instead of trying to build a new blog, why not just hop on board another? Imaginative thinkers with good writing skills could develop a reputation for themselves, and their business, by offering content on their expert themes to niche, but popular, blogs. If accepted, the publishing blog will grant you an audience that would have been difficult to build – and they'll probably throw in a link to your company's web site or your personal resume/CV too. You could take this one step further and become a regular contributor to a blog. Several blogs now are considered ‘group blogs' where various contributors pot to a blog.

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