OK, ok, so we got bumped out of the Group Blog running. Congratulations to all the folks who won this year's Marketing Sherpa awards - and well done to PSFK's...

Best individual's blog on the general topic of marketing and advertising

Awarded to: Seth Godin's Bloghttp://www.sethgodin.com/sg/blog.html

Honorable Mention: Adrants http://www.adrants.com

PSFK Comment: Got to love the fella but Seth's blog is updated infrequently at best these days. He punts out the odd tit-bit now and again, but we think he holds much of his best thinking back for his books. Don't get us wrong, we love his site but if you compare Seth's output to Ask's at AdLand you wonder why he ever got nominated and Ask didn't get it. Then you notice AdLand's interface…. come on Ask!

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