Site Visit: Nike iD Ad In Times Square, NYC

Site Visit: Nike iD Ad In Times Square, NYC
Guy Brighton
  • 29 june 2005

PSFK went and braved the crowds and stood in Times Square to see the latest ‘interactive ad’ for ourselves. Set up above, four screens flick down at you. One explains that you have to call a 1-888 number and use your keypad, another shows you the shoe as you flick through the colors for the swoosh, laces and body.

It’s a bit like selecting your Nike shoe through their website, except the rest of the world checks out your style at the same time. Or they would, if they noticed. We found it pretty easy to follow, but we wished there were more shoe styles to flick through rather than colors. After a while we got the point and wished that we could do something more ‘personalized’ than just change the color. Why couldn’t we put up a ‘Hello Mom!" on there? Or "Guy B Iz Best"?

Once the call was over, I was sent a text with an ID to go find my shoes on the website. Why wasn’t there a stand below the screen that let me pick up my shoes then and there? And I wish they had sent me the image of the sneaker via MMS than just sending me a link. We don’t all have those smart-phone thingys.

The only real attention that the whole event garnered were people wondering what I was up to, I stood there looking up at the sky with my phone pulled out before me. We looked around to see if anyone else was having a go. For the twenty minutes we waited, no one else played with the device. It’s a nice idea but it just didn’t go far enough – this was Times Square for goodness sake – why not some extra effort? Maybe then, people will look up and take notice.

Video Of Guy Choosing His Shoe In Times Square (wmv)

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