AdRants reports that GoGORILLA Media, a New York based guerrilla marketing firm, has been employing homeless people in an effort to promote its services to advertising agencies. Several homeless men and women have been spotted outside New York advertising agencies holding a hand-scribbled sign which explains their plight. Right next to the sign is a box full of GoGORILLA brochures.

The fella in the picture doesn’t look so homeless to us (click to enlarge), but anyway, the sign reads: “I used to be a media planner at a NYC ad agency but I got fired! Why? Because our client wanted an alternative media campaign and instead of hiring GoGORILLA Media, I went with another vendor, and boy was I sorry! I haven’t had a job since. Don’t let this happen to you! Feel free to take a GoGORILLA Media Kit, there’s no charge. Of course, any donations, no matter how small, are greatly appreciated. Have a nice day and God bless.”

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