Phew!! In terms of the cell phone blogs, what led you to choose such a niche subject, there aren’t that many other phone blogs are there?

I became interested in text messaging in 2001, at the time I was following Internet news, but articles were appearing now and then. So I started a daily Chronicle (in French) on my website, reporting how people and businesses were using SMS. When America started voting on American Idol by SMS, I felt the time was right to open something in English. And a blog was the perfect tool, offering a quick, powerful and automated way to publish. My blogs are meant to be a resource center, a useful tool for anyone doing research on the social impact of cell phones. The categories are very detailed, allowing to search easily for information in very specific areas, such as politics, religion, litterature, business, music, marketing, gaming, porn. I follow the SMS campaigns around the world which have successfully raised money for charities, how businesses and the arts are using SMS. How cell phones are being used by terrorists or helping investigators incriminate criminals, used as evidence in court. How cellphones have turned out to be a godsend to the Deaf and Hearing impaired. The other blog online that covers this subject would be Howard Rheingold’s Smart Mobs. But his blog covers a wider subject than just cellphones, including other communication and computing technologies.

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