When in London, it's always a pleasure to wander around the hundreds of boutiques that dot the back streets between West Soho and Endell Street - you find such creative energy and individual style, they ache with signs of what could be next in retail, design, branding, marketing.

The trend, that’s been suggested is called, ‘Curated Consumption’: “time-starved consumers [driven] into the arms of a new breed of ‘curators’ and editors, who pre-select for them what to buy, what to experience, what to what to wear, what to read, what to drink and so on.” The trend extends beyond retailers into publishing (style magazines) into TV (MTV Cribb).

It’s a term coined by TrendWatching, who we deeply respect, but as we walked around London Town the other day (dodging the well groomed fellows with their spikey and mud-flapped hair) we wondered if the theory was wrong.

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