Wooooo is a small but targeted, interview based fan-zine with a of 5000 per issue. The publishers say that despite the small circulation, its very targeted, making sure it falls into the right hands. It is distrubuted to Williamsburg, Philly, LES and some parts of the East and West Village.

Editor Jason Crombie told IF, “Our intended readership are the 18-30 year old creative set(artists, music industry types, designers). We also have an extensive mailing list that boasts- Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Micheal Stipe, Kate Moss… people like that, dont ask us how we got it. At the moment we have a small few advertisers, local businesses in the lower east side(bars, clothing designers etc) but we’re interested in garnering larger sponsorship so we can forget the little people and start getting free stuff. Wooooo is never short of contributers so thats a good sign. last issue saw Ryan McGinley shoot the cover! that was nice. Wooooo has received praise in design magazines such as-‘IdN’ and ‘Grafik’ and also ‘Thrasher’ skate magazine.”

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