The store is snuggled between Brit power designers Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen and inside sits various collaborations by designers for the store.

Maybe the location was the first point when we started to feel that it was trying a little too hard for its own good. Why wasn’t this store in Nolita or even the revitalized Bleeker Street? The location smacks of ‘band-wagon’. Even Bathing Ape’s location in Soho made sense compared to this.

The look inside was disappointing too: The interior reminded us of that late-90s-back-to-the-future design you’d see dotcom agencies and their cafes dressed in. It was nothing new. The space was very much a museum piece – look but don’t touch. It felt so strange for a sports brand to avoid any playfulness. If you ignored some of the pointless shoes, where there was some sportiness to the fashion apparel it worked well. The rest failed.

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