The Gallery at sketch has just been voted 18th in Restaurant magazine’s prestigious annual ’50 Best Restaurants in the World’ (The unfortunately named ;) Pierre Gagnaire’s cuisine is stands up well against other restaurants in London but it is not strong enough to prevent it being eclipsed by the sheer presence of Gagnaire and Algerian restaurateur ‘Mamo’ Mazouzes’ uniquely created ambience.

Despite various critics’ comments, the food is average, however, the restaurant scene is not always about good food.  More and more restaurateurs are turning their attention away from traditional, clean cut modern themes (Daphnes, Clerkenwell Dining Room, etc) to embrace a montage of eras (in our era of the 00ties, which struggles for a theme).  sketch at least puts its case forward whilst other restaurants yield to the shear ballsiness of the project.

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