“Positioning” is dead, and McDonald's has just put up the tombstone. But what is really interesting for branding is what is taking its place, Nick Wreden writes in Branding Asia:

The signs of “positioning's” demise are everywhere. The number of branding failures, many based on “positioning,” exceeds 90%, according to the consultancies Ernst & Young and McKinsey & Co. McDonald's, the premier mass market branding giant, announced that it has abandoned positioning. Says Larry Light, McDonald's chief global marketing officer: “Identifying one brand position, communicating it in a repetitive manner is old-fashioned, out of date, out of touch.” Even more bluntly, Light highlights “the end of brand positioning as we know it,” calling it “marketing suicide.” Even a top executive at advertising giant Leo Burnett is willing to stand before his CEO peers and admit, “the old ways of marketing are not working any more.”

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