In the most recent issue of Business 2.0, Om Malik talks about a $100 PC (subscription required) built by a Indian startup company called Novatium. There has been a lot...

From the technical specs, it has a decent processor, monitor, keyboard and has a flash-based memory with built in Linux OS but no hard disk with all apps coming from a server. The functionality sheet sheet promices MS Office, which PSFK guesses will be offered up using Terminal Server (Citrix) type technology.

Overall, its a decent thin client with a business model that might actually make the $100 PC a reality. Its due to arrive in September 2005 in India.

PSFK thinks with its $100 price point it maybe a worthy computer to deploy in every house to give each family member a computer. It will be a neat add-on to a wireless home network with a robust server serving up apps on the NetPC.

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