First, No chair shall die under our watch. We bought our office chairs at IKEA, and to be honest they don’t hold up well under our working conditions. We have had a couple of them break while sitting on them. Instead of throwing them out, we repair them. We attach available pieces of wood to repair the chair, giving it more character weight and substance, while keeping landfills chair free. When it’s time to retire the chairs for good, they will become a chandelier in new office.

As for the table, we made it out of doors we found in a newly acquired floor in our building. 4 extra tall closet doors, hinges bought at the corner hardware store, and some scrap 2×4 are now combined to form a collapsible brainstorming table. The table was then painted with Chalkboard paint after an all night pitch. The table is great for planning marketing plans and timelines for PR related campaigns. I have found that lately I take notes on the table during a meeting and take a picture at the finished drawing or notes with my treo 650. The resulting image is emailed to the meetings participants or to my blog. The drawing works as a great extension to gesturing during meetings and I feel that they have been more effective.

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