SoundTrackFactory was another website I came across whilst looking for something else. It explores the 'mixtape' with a brilliant new dimension by incorporating fictional stories which takes its cue from...

STF is a combination of James’ technologically creative insight and my artisic passions. So STF is a vital combination of our creative endeavors to make something new, interesting, entertaining and important.

Our latest and greatest soundtrack entitled ROLLING STONES LICK IRAQ is a sort of sequel to BLOGIRAQ.NOW which is a blog being sent home to the USA from a young soldier stationed in Iraq. Also the posters are spectacular! (Humbleness has never fit me)

Right now the best way for people to become involved with STF is to share the experience with others – we hope in the near future to encourage contributors to offer their own ideas and soundtracks. There is so much fuckin great music and stories out there and we hope to be able to present new concepts and voices from our Factory.

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