With Maine tolls ranging from $.60 to $1.75, unprepared travelers are always left with small amounts of change. Dropping that change into the bucket hanging between the toll and your car is simple. Further, each time I donated, I received a “Thank You” from the tollbooth employee.

Already known as an innovator for toll collections, the MTA creatively answered Governor Baldacci’s request for all Maine state agencies to get involved with the relief efforts. Paul Violette, Mark Adams, Dan Paradee and several other marketing savvy MTA officials created this novel concept and shared it with other states through the Internation Bridges, Tunnels and Turnpikes Association. To date, this program has raised $70,670.64. Interestingly, not all of that money was from change. Over $5,000 was donated as personal checks. Imagine the possibilities for Lincoln Tunnel buckets and other New York tunnels and bridges.

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