Sustainability is cool. No question. I’ve been reading the posts that sprung from the Treehugger article asking, “Can sustainability be cool?” There are two ways I could share my two...

• Eco Design by Alastair Fuad Luke – just great. We sourced our VarioPac direct CD mailers from there.

• Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough & Michael Braungart (though I haven’t finished it yet, the non-paper stock alone is very cool)

• Green Architecture by Taschen

• The Working Parents Cookbook by Jeff and Jodie Morgan – Because sitting around a dinner table, coffee table or perching wherever you can and eating home cooked food with friends and family is a great thing for personal sustainability. Fast. Easy. Talks about local and in season and avoiding bizarre chemical additives. Plus the cover design is nice. You don’t have to be a working parent to get it. Could easily be called the “I have no time and have no clue about cooking Cookbook”

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