Recently I was chatting to the planning director of one of London's leading creative agencies about the direction their client's brand (a top jeans brand) should take and at the end of the chat they said 'yeah but everyone says we should be more like Apple

Apple have been one of the most successful brands of the 21st century, of that there can be no doubt. They have gone from strength to strength across their product line and this has seen their share price rocket.

But how much of this is down to dancing silhouettes and how much of it is down to the innovative culture of Apple and its inherent marketing culture?

Apple have second guessed the market almost to perfection (certainly in the case of the iPod and iTunes music store). The kudos built around these products has had a ‘halo' effect on their more traditional hardware and software products. But the real genius has been in the product design and then the hands on marketing management from above.

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