This response from the MD of the company that makes the Jimi personal wallets so impressed us as bloggers, we wanted to highlight it. I made a little remark about Jimi products the other day on PSFK, and the company reacted (the right way):

Dear Piers,

Mike O’Neill here. My company Mr. Smith Inc. makes the Jimiâ„¢. I just read your comments at PSFK, and was surprised that you compared Jimiâ„¢ to the Umbra card case. If you’ve had experience of both and chosen the Umbra case over Jimiâ„¢, fair enough, but if not I’d love to get a Jimiâ„¢ in your hands. We put a lot of thought into the design, choice of materials and function of Jimiâ„¢, to make – according to our first retailer Flight 001 ‘a surprisingly high quality product for its niche’. Anyway…let me know if I can send you one and where. Cheers.

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