For no matter how talented, the ignorant cannot produce the big idea. The quality of our imagination hinges on our pool of knowledge. Creativity is about choosing from 30 times more material than we can use. It is also about gaining insights from other worlds; analyzing conventions and disrupting the rules; finding new ways of expression; and keeping an open, playful mind in order to identify the big idea.

The big idea doesn’t care where it is coming from. We can borrow from the world around us. Why should commercials just be limited to TV, Internet and cinemas? Why can they not be acted out live, by a group of artists in theaters or musicals before the show begins? Could a soft drink bottle not be more engaging? How about a series of monthly short stories placed on the back of Coke cans using the “Make It Real” theme to tell real life stories by young writers? Or a follow-up contest encouraging the audience to vote for the best designs, thus turning the product into a collectible and making it part of a wider culture?

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