A recent article in the New York magazine listed the opportunities for outdoor media space in New York – regular, crazy and a little OTT. But hey – that's NYC. Or what it's supposed to be, eh?

“What advertisers pay to catch your wandering eye.”

Starbucks coffee sleeves: estimated 12 to 14 cents each. Street hawking with megaphones: $36 per hour. Ads on urinals and on the back of stall doors: $100 to $125. Twenty-inch-by-sixteen-inch gym-locker-room ads: $125. Bathroom-door ads: $110. Sidewalk chalking: $150 to $350 per image per day. Sidewalk ashtrays: $175 per ad unit (there are three per pylon). Street-lamp banners: $360 per banner. Handing out flyers: $390 per day per person. Buses: $500 for an exterior ad; interior ad spaces are $26 each. Bus shelters: $1,000 to $5,000 for a standard 69-inch-by-48-inch panel, depending on neighborhood. Static subway-entrance ads: $3,000. Spotlight or projection on a building: $4,500 and up per night. Mobile billboard trucks: $5,000 per 50-hour week. Wrapped vehicles: $6,500 and up. Airplanes: $8,500 per flight for skywriting; $1,000 per flight for flying a banner. Scaffolding broadsides: $9,200 for two to four posters per site in 90 to 120 locations, usually for the two weeks prior to the event being plugged. Spray-painted faux-graffiti mural: $15,000 and up. West Side Highway billboard: Around $18,600. “Tall-wall” vinyl banner on the side of a building: $20,000 to $100,000. Subway platform: $40,000 to cover 200 stations. Subway cars: $44,000 to cover 25 percent of a train’s interior ad spaces. Taxis: Around $45,000 for continuously updating electronic ads on 100 taxis for fifteen minutes per hour (GPS feature targets ads for neighborhoods; new messages can be uploaded remotely). Kodak’s 1,500-square-foot Times Square moving-images display: $175,000. Digital subway-entrance ads: $274,000 for six ten-second spots every minute on each of the city’s 80 digital displays. Marathon naming rights: ING has a three-year, $6 million deal. Naming rights to the new Jets-Giants stadium: at least a $12 million onetime cost.

New York Magazine Article

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