Early on in my consumption of podcasts I discovered Kurt Anderson's Studio 360. Kurt covers the arts and culture scene on KCRW, the California based public radio station that used to be home to another favourite, Joe Frank. Anyway, in the most recent podcast, Kurt talks to Phil Kline, founder of Unsilent Night. According to Phil, in 1992 he had two dozen boom boxes lying around and decided to go carolling. He loaded up the boom boxes with cassette tapes and handed them out to friends who then paraded through the neighbourhood. Now, 13 years later over 100 boom boxes and 500 people take part. The cool thing is that all the boom boxes play just slightly out of sych, creating an incredible aural experience according to Phil. Though this year's event has already taken place, make sure you catch it next year if you are in New York, Philadelphia; Tallahassee; San Diego; San Francisco; Vancouver; Middlesborough, England; Sydney, Australia; Tucson or Whitehorse, Yukon. Listen to the podcast segment here.

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