Utah Hans, 19, is a PSFK reader from Richmond, Virginia. We pointed once to a article on his blog called 'Hook Up Strategies 101' and very recently he returned the...

The big question is: is it worth it buying the system or should you wait until the Playstation 3 or Nintendo Revolution come out? Let’s consider this by your usage:

Situation: GamerI know you have been looking forward to the Xbox 360 since you first heard about it. However, your waiting has been in vain. Any gamer knows that it’s not the visual quality of the game that matters but the actual fun of the games you play. Right now, the games for the Xbox 360 are simply ports – not using the full power of the system – and the games are nothing new. OK, I will admit that there are games such as Kameo that are actually games that are worth drooling over but right now there are more bad games then there are good games. Not only that, but if you want to truly see how nice these games look, you need a HDTV. Trust me when I say stick with PC games right now. It is best to wait until either it’s very easy to get a Xbox 360, or wait until Nintendo or Sony come out with their next generation console.

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