I was skating the Fairfield, CA skate park today. I witnessed some skater approach a quarter pipe. He launched himself into mid air, grabbed the skateboard from under his feet and erected his body as he held the board between his legs. As he was about to land, he put the board right back under his feet, and rode away. A trick I had never seen before. A younger kid that I was standing next to shouted out “Damn, he been playen that Tony Hawk!”…

He said that because it was something he had never seen in reality and only expected to see in a video game. People claim that video games will fry your brain, well, they might actually expand your brain as well. For a sports player, they are a look into the future. They give us insight into the possibilities that one might never otherwise think of on their own. So, if you play sports, try some death defying tricks on a video game. Do the unimaginable. You just might be able to carry that into a real life game one day.

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