Respected US show host Charlie Rose interviewed Google CEO Eric Schmidt last week for a recording of a new series about the world’s leading innovators. PSFK was in the audience...

Eric said there were only 1billion users on the web – about 1/6th of the global market. There were 1.6 m wireless devices and 3-400 million of these were designed to be able to use the web. The market was “way under-penetrated” They knew that the demand was there and that there will be lots of different devices. Google will help deliver content to these devices.

Google’s Success

Charlie asked what the forces at work behind the Google success.

There is a tremendous hunger for innovation. Traditionally systems like federal government have been supported innovation through research funding. Today, graduates from grad school these days have amazing vision and the capital in VC let’s people build companies very quickly. One or two people at Stanford can change the world.

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