A recent issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu asks, “Why did the Nintendo DS sell so well?” in Japan. Here are the five reasons:

1. Great Promotions – “A famous Japanese actress, Nanako Matsushima, appeared on a recent commercial for More Brain Training, and for once the woman they dragged out to pose with a videogame actually seemed to be really enjoying herself.” 2. Demo stations were plentiful – “In any department store in Japan, there are DS demo stations. Usually the screens are scratched to high hell, and lately, there are a lot of games to choose from.” 3. Appeal to non-gamers – “This is the most obvious reason.” 4. Wi-Fi game download stations – “At any videogame store, there are DS download and play stations.” 5. Great games sold the system – “Nintendo has always prided itself in quality games and DS has been a shining example. The quality of the games has caused developers to think in new ways, or to find inspiration.” More Info

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