IBC: I’m not sure if you are aware of it but we blogged your summer exhibition on our website.

JW: Yes I was. It came up on the search engine.

IBC: Oh cool.

JW: Every last day of the month, I search my name to see what’s going on. It gives me an understanding of where work is or what people are doing with it.

IBC: Do you see the web as a good source of promotion for artists?

JW: Actually I just got into it. I’ve been kind of shy about it because it is a digital format, so it doesn’t show what a painting really is. First of all, there are the size restrictions. Especially when paintings are textured, you just never get that sense. There’s so much more involved. So I was very hesitant about that. I think what happened later is that I saw more and more artists taking on their own websites and I started seeing their names with dot com after them. I checked out a lot of these websites. Interesting, but the platform becomes one of selling and not necessarily critical attention. But I managed to get a website up. There are no price tags, no sales, nothing involved in it; it is just a platform where people can go, look at the work and read the statements that people have made on the work.

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